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I've culled all of the salient questions about the DW-8000 from the previously available Internet resources, and collected them here, along with their most common solutions. So if you're having a problem, look here first!

Q: Where can I get a User Manual?
A: Look in the Downloads section of this website.

Q: How do I restore the factory patches?
A: The easiest way is to download the WAV file from this website, and play it back into your DW-8000 using the audio output of your computer's sound card. Refer to the DW-8000 User Manual for instructions.

Q: How do I hook up an MEX-8000 expansion unit?
A: Get the MEX-8000 manual from the Downloads section of this website and follow the instructions.

Q: Where can I get a replacement AC power cord for my DW-8000?
A: Hosa sells a compatible replacement AC power cord, part number PWC178 available here.
A: Alternatively, see the project on this website for replacing your AC power socket with an IEC standard 3 prong socket.

Q: How do I replace the internal battery in my DW-8000?
A: The battery is a standard CR2032 button-cell. Bryan Ressler has an excellent online guide for replacing the DW-8000 battery. Rather than duplicate his effort, here is a link to his page. Soldering skill is required.
Download a PDF version of the battery replacement guide in the downloads section.

Q: Why is my volume abnormally low?
A: There are several possible causes: (1) Your Lo/Hi output switch on the back is set to Lo. Set it to Hi. (2) Your patch has a low oscillator volume setting. (3) Your input trim is set too low, or you have a bad amp channel, or you have a bad cable or connector.

Q: My display reads "7A PE".
A: You have the tape interface switch set to Tape.

Q: My Tuning or Data slider does not work, data values float and change constantly.
A: There is a cracked solder joint on the slider in question, typically where it connects to the grounding pad on the circuit board. Resoldering the connection should fix it.

Q: Is there a reset procedure?
A: No, to restore your instrument to factory default, restore the factory patches as described earlier in this section.

Q: Is the DW-8000 multi-timbral?
A: No, but you can get a second part with the Angel City Turbo upgrade.

Q: Where can I get the Angel City Turbo upgrade?
A: The last place selling it was Musitronics in Germany here. e-Mail them to see if it is still available and for current price.